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Translation bureau 
Bureau des traductions 
Agenzia di traduzioni 
0ficina de traducciones

                       WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE

Our business processes involve highly professional in-house staff and thoroughly tested freelancers as well as the sophisticated software enabling us to provide quality translations in various fields of knowledge. We never use machine translation tools in our work. Every translator relies only on his/her skills and experience plus wide range of dictionaries, reference books, terminology glossaries, and Internet resources to contribute in our success.

All translations (excluding the budget ones) undergo bilingual revision/checking and monolingual proofreading.

During the last year we made translations in the following domains:

Domain Source Language pair
Agriculture Corporate journal Ru-En
Home appliancies Instructions, user manuals En-Ru, Fr-Ru, Ger-Ru
Automobile Manuals, web-sites En-Ru, Ger-Ru, It-Ru, Nid-Ru, Ru-En
Banks Foundation documents, by-laws Ru-En
Chemistry Material safety data sheet Pol-Ru
Accounting Balance sheets, reports, registers, invoices, warrants Ru-En, Lit-Ru, Pol-Ru
Construction Commercial proposals, equipment manuals, business-plan En-Ru
Engineering Measuring and test equipment* En-Ru, Ger-Ru, Fr-Ru
Cooking Cafe and restaurant menus Ru-En
Customs Declarations, certificats, carnet TIR, bills of lading En-Ru, Pol-Ru, Cze-Ru, Ger-Ru, Fr-Ru, Ru-En
Law Contracts, charters, court and prosecutor office documents*, books*, claims En-Ru, Lit-Ru, Ru-En, Ru-Arm, Ru-Ger, Ru-It, Ru-Tur, Ru-Nid, Ru-Rom, Ru-Ukr
Electrical engineering Product catalogues, web-sites, user manuals Ru-Fr, Ru-En, Ru-Spa
Industrial equipment Installation and operation instructions* Fr-Ru, En-Ru, Pol-Ru
Finance Grant proposals*, reports En-Ru, Ru-En
Gas Business-plans* Ru-En
Taxes Tax declarations Ru-En
Extractive industry Investmnet project* Ru-Ger
Light industry Equipment manuals, specifications En-Ru
Management Presentations, training and workshop materials En-Ru
Мarketing Advertising brochures, booklets, web-sites internet, product labelling Ru-En, Ru-Ger, Ru-Spa
Construction materials Certificate of conformity Pol-Ru
Medecine Epidemiology*, ultrasound equipment manuals*, prosthetics, stomatology, medical records En-Ru, Ger-Ru, Ru-En
Microelectronics Reference books* Ger-Ru
Mucis Articles, riders En-Ru, Ru-En
Off-shore Foundation documents, power of attorney, certificates En-Ru
Diving Equipment manuals En-Ru
Polymers Description of technical processes*, patents, standards, tests En-Ru
Railway transport Technical and administrative documents* Ukr-Ru

* Voluminous translations (over 8,000 words)

Samples of translations and references are available upon request.

ul. Dimitrova 71, Kursk 305004, Russia, tel/fax: +7 (4712) 58 09 25

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